the art of defining cardiac morphology

Role of 3D Echocardiography in Specific Cardiac Conditions

This section of the website describes specific aspects of RT3DE in the management of
congenital heart defects. This section is mainly dedicated to defining the use of
3dechocardiography in defining structural details of congenitally malformed heart. By
following the links below you could explore 3D images of each condition. Your suggestions
and constructive criticism are always welcome.

Imaging the Atrial septum and Defects in the Atrial Septum

  1. Atrial Septum
  2. Atrial Septal Aneurism
  3. Fenestrated ASD
  4. Multifenestrated ASD
  5. ASD morphology variation predispositing to Ocluder Embolization:
  6. Variation in Atrial Septal morphology & its influence on trans-catheter interventions
  7. Cortriatriatum Dexter

Atrioventricular Septal Defects

  1. AVSD
  2. Post-op AVSD

Ventricular Septum and its Defects

  1. Ventricular Septal Defect
  2. VSD Post Infarct New!
  3. Double Interventricular Septum

Imaging the Tricuspid Valve

  1. Ebstein's Anomaly
  2. Ebstein's anomaly: Pre and post operative morphology
  3. Tricuspid Valve Displasia
  4. Tricuspid Valve Prolapse

Imaging the mitral Valve

  1. Mitral valve anomalies
  2. Assessing the mitral valve
  3. Perforated Mitral Valve

Pulmonary Valve

Pulmonary valve Imaging

Aortic Valve

  1. Aortic Valve: Variations in the morphology
  2. Assessing aortic valve morphology and measuring the annular size (MPR)

Assessing the Outflow Tracts

  1. Assessment of LVOT

Arch and Great Vessels

  1. Arch and great vessel Abnormalities
  2. Acute dissection of Ascending aorta
  3. Aorto-Pulmonary windo
  4. Ruptured Sinus of Valsalva

Left Ventricle

  1. Double Chambered LV
  2. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Transposition of the Great Arteries

  1. TGA with sub PS how to do MPR
  2. Post Mustard procedure with Obstructed Superior Baffle
  3. Mustard Baffle Obstruction

Imaging for Structural Interventions

  1. Assessing Paravalve Leak

Complex Defects

  1. Double Chambered RV
  2. TOF and Double chambered RV
  3. Converting a Fontan to two Ventricle Circulation
  4. Sepating DILV

Cardiac Tumours

  1. Mitral Valve Tumours

Assessing Ventricular function


RV Size and Function

Speckle Tracking

Assessment of valve incompetence

Colour 3D

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