the art of defining cardiac morphology

Double Chambered RV

The complexity of Double chambered right ventricle is often less understood. Here is an example of a 3 chambered heart. I am not sure why one should call it as double chambered RV? You decide.

Incomplete partition of the right heart into an inlet and outlet chamber is a known association with Tetrallogy of Fallott. This is often a difficult condition to visualize but can be suspected on 2D echo. To appreciate the morphologic details of this condition 3dechocardiography is very helpful.

I used mltiplane review using Qlab to demonstrate the details of this condition as demonstrated in the movie

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Deatils of the MPR

The moving file demonstrates the four chaber view of the heart from an apical four chamber view to begin with. Then the heart is interrogated using an anterio-posterior dissecting plane to demonstrate the right ventricle and its outflow tract. Here the Rv appears to be giving rise to the aorta and there seems to be another chamber adjacent to it giving rise to the pulmonary artery. There is a clear partition between the two chamberes. This is well appreciated using the short axis view. In this plane you can see two plae the red plane cuts the RV and its two chambers and the green plane divides the RV and LV to give the standard four chamber view. This method gives the details of doble chambered RV as never appreciated before.

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